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Be kind to guide. 

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When we are successful we want our children to be like us. When we are not successful we don't want them to be like us. Either way it's about us not about our children. We hardly acknowledge their individuality, their personality, their choice.

In fact some of us have kids so that we can control them and show how wonderful we are at upbringing. We try to fulfil our unfulfilled dreams through them.

We need to honor the process of creation and accept that we are here to guide them not control them. But We are so preoccupied with our views about parenting, that we forget the difference between guidance and control.

- Today allow yourself to let go of all the known and unknown control

- Close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax and have a chat in your head with your child

- Tell, " I see you as potential individual, I acknowledge that and I am willing to act on that"

- "Thank you for choosing me to guide you" 

- "I love and accept you. I love and accept myself"

- Give yourself warm hug

Our children are our future let's shape them, not make them.


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