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To bow is to rise. 

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In every culture all greet elders by bowing in front of them. There is a spiritual significance to this ritual. Initiating a bow reflects that we don't seek power. Thus, surrendering our Ego, leads to rise intuitively. Elders in return bless us and that signifies they are content being at peace and are done with the power play. Thus, shower or forward the same peace and content upon us.

To bow is to surrender, in surrender we receive maximum. 

Today allow yourself to bow not in front of just elders but in all areas of your life where surrender is required. 

- Take a comfortable position and relax your self.

- Focus on breathing and notice it going at a peaceful pace.

- Think about current difficulties or difficult people. 

- Tell yourself, "I am ready to surrender thus I bow in front of you." 

- Repeat it 7 times. 

- Notice the peaceful difference in  situations that earlier seemed difficult. 

- Allow that peace to expand. 

Acknowledge:- To bow, is to rise.

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